Stelvio Quadrifoglio

STELVIO Quadrifoglio
“...few rise to the occasion like the Stelvio Quadrifoglio. Its combination of style, handling and speed is frankly outrageous…”
- Justin Hilliard,
STELVIO Quadrifoglio
“The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio is a fast and ferocious beast designed to dethrone its German mega-SUV rivals.”
- Mike Costello, CarAdvice
STELVIO Quadrifoglio
“This SUV is phenomenally quick when you get stuck into it.”
- Ken Gratton, Motoring/Carsales
STELVIO Quadrifoglio
“It’s a lot more than just a potent engine in an existing SUV, the Stelvio QV taking on a more serious performance persona – and one that perfectly suits the Alfa Romeo brand.”
- Toby Hagon, Practical Motoring

Stelvio TI
“The Stelvio is one of the rare SUVs that delivers on the promise of a sport utility vehicle.”
- Richard Blackburn, News Corporation
Stelvio TI
“When it comes to performance and looks, Alfa’s first attempt in the SUV world has been beautifully executed with the new Stelvio.”
- Mark Davis, Performance Drive
Stelvio Ti
“The Stelvio Ti isn't your average luxury SUV - it’s an Alfa Romeo. The brand’s golden years were built around sporty, engaging cars that focused on the driver which is exactly what the Stelvio Ti does.”
- Stephen Ottley, Drive
Stelvio Ti
“It's an intriguing alternative to the cookie-cutter SUV designs that inundate Aussie roads.”
- Feann Torr, Motoring/Carsales
Stelvio First Edition
“The stylish Italian SUV is proof that diesel SUVs don’t have to be boring.”
- David Bonnici, WhichCar
Stelvio First Edition
“The Stelvio is the perfect blend of refined chic with an understated style.”
- Nedahl Stelio, CarsGuide

Giulia Quadrifoglio

“This is the car you can buy with your heart and your head. It's fast, it's beautiful and it's just fantastic!”
- Peter Anderson, CarsGuide
“… possesses the best V6 engine in the business, combined with razor-sharp dynamics and amazing ride quality…”
- Alborz Fallah, CarAdvice
“It also oozes Italian beauty... a crowd favourite”
- Mandy Turner, CarAdvice

“The Giulia's design flair is joined by aural charm…”
- Ken Gratton, Motoring/Carsales
giulia veloce
“The Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce exudes charisma, with distinctive looks and fine attention to detail in its design and execution.”
- James Cleary, CarsGuide
giulia super petrol
“…. the ride is deliciously comfortable... the handling is impressive, too.”
- Richard Berry, CarsGuide

“… fun to drive and deceptively quick…”
- Andrew Maclean, Drive

4C Spider
“... a full-on assault on the senses, and it left me laughing after my first run.”
- Jez Spinks, CarAdvice
4C Spider
“It’s blisteringly quick, it’s superbly agile, it handles like it has rails attached to its underbody…”
- Matt Campbell, CarsGuide
4C Spider
“Italy’s ‘baby supercar’ is a mid-engined delight…”
- Chris Thompson, Motor